Creating an economy where local food businesses thrive


To be a clearinghouse for food policy for small food and farm businesses, providing entrepreneurs with guidance and resources on how to work within the law and advocating for policy change to create a more resilient food system, while celebrating those businesses that thrive within it.


Peter Ruddock is an advocate for sustainable food and all things that strengthen local food economies.  He believes that when we make food choices, we must employ a triple bottom line:  choosing food that is good for the Earth, good for all of those who work to bring it to us and good for our health when we eat it.

Over the years, Peter has honed his advocacy by volunteering and working for numerous organizations whose missions complement his own, including Slow Food and Slow Money, the Ecological Farming Association and the California Food Policy Council.  Most recently, he worked as the Policy Director of the COOK Alliance, advocating for policy change which would support homemade food businesses and make them more widely legal.

Peter also reports about food, environment and community as Green Omnivore (on the web and on Facebook).

Proud to participate in the National Right to Food Community of Practice.

Founded: February 25, 2022